AAT Level 4 – Cash and Financial Management (CSFT)

This is an optional unit for the Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting.

In this unit, you will learn about effective cash management within organisations, and see how to make informed financing and investment decisions in line with policies and regulations. You will learn to identify cash transactions, prepare budgets, address shortfalls, understand financing options, and comply with external regulations, ensuring organisational sustainability and financial integrity.



This unit emphasises the significance of effectively managing cash within organisations, equipping students with the requisite knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding financing and investments by organisational policies and external regulations.

Students will discern current and prospective cash transactions from diverse sources, learning techniques to exclude non-cash items from financial data. Through various methodologies, they will craft cash budgets, considering transaction timing to oversee the cash flow in and out of organisations.

Recognising the criticality of cash management for organisational sustainability, students will pinpoint deficits and surpluses in cash budgets and take suitable measures to address them. They will grasp the process of reforecasting cash budgets and understand the reasons for deviations from the initial budget.

Moreover, students will appreciate how organisations must fulfil financial obligations to avert the risk of failure, exploring different financing methods for meeting short- and long-term needs, alongside exploring investment opportunities for surplus funds.

Furthermore, students will acquire insight into external regulations and considerations about cash and finance, ensuring compliance in financing and investment decisions to uphold organisational integrity.

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare forecasts for cash receipts and payments
  • Prepare cash budgets and monitor cash flows
  • Understand the importance of managing finance and liquidity
  • Understand ways of raising finance and investing funds
  • Understand regulations and organisational policies that influence decisions in managing cash and finance

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